A-008 Internship and Professional Practicums

Code: A-008
Date: April 29, 1977
Approved: Catherine Tisinger
Revised: January 29, 2007
Approved: David C. Danahar
Revised: April 20, 2015
Approved: Connie J. Gores

Southwest Minnesota State University
Internship/Professional Practicum

An Internship/Professional Practicum is a credit-generating educational experience, in which the student applies skills and knowledge from the classroom in a supervised setting.

  1. Each Department/Program shall determine and maintain written guidelines, procedures (including assessments) and any required forms for their Internship/Professional Practicum program(s). These will be available in the respective Department office.
  2. Each Department shall post the written Internship/Professional Practicum guidelines and procedures on the Department website. Copies shall be provided to the Internship supervisor(s)/employer.
  3. General Internship/Professional Practicum Parameters: Typically Internships are at least 1 credit hour to a maximum of 12 credit hours. Exceptions to these guidelines will be considered through the curricular process. Refer to Policy A-049: Credit Hour Assignment.
  4. Internship/Professional Practicum guidelines and procedures shall be reviewed at least every five years as part of Program Reviews.
  5. Internship/Professional Practicum sites must be informed in writing that all internships are to be conducted in accordance with Title IX with regard to discrimination against any person on the basis on age, sex, race, or creed.

Liability coverage: The Minnesota Attorney General’s Office advises all students on internship to purchase their own professional liability insurance or receive a written certificate of coverage from the intern’s employer stating that coverage is being provided by the employer.

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