P-003.1 MSUAASF Sabbatical Leave Procedure

Code: P-003.1
Date: July 22, 1984
Approved: Robert L. Carothers

Southwest Minnesota State University


MSUAASF Sabbatical Leave Procedure

  1. Sabbatical Application forms and procedure are available from Human Resources.
  2. The Sabbatical Application form must be completed and submitted to department head/dean for review within timelines set out below.
  3. The department head/dean completes the impact section of the application form and forwards to Provost or appropriate Vice President.
  4. The Provost or appropriate Vice President’s office forwards a copy of the Sabbatical Application to MSUAASF Professional Improvement committee for review and comment. Response from this committee should be made to the Provost or appropriate Vice President. (This committee meets in July, September, and January.)
  5. Notification of approval or denial of Sabbatical Application will be made by the President within three months of the date of application.


Length of Leave Application Deadline
Three months 6 months prior to begin date
Over 3 months, up to 10 months 9 months prior to begin date
Eleven months December 15 or previous year

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