SMSU Sexual Assault Information

This information is offered as part of Southwest Minnesota State University’s continued commitment to provide a safe living and learning environment and to comply with the 1990 Student Right-To-Know and Campus Security Act. All criminal behavior should be reported to the Marshall Police Department and violations of the University Code of Conduct should be reported to the Director of University Public Safety (507.537.7252) or the Associate Vice President for Student Affairs (507.537.6844). Students or staff who have a concern regarding violations of law or the Code of Conduct on campus may also contact any University administrator (to include the Provost, Associate VP for Student Affairs, VP for Finance and Administration, or an Academic Dean). Telephone numbers may be found in the campus directory.

Sexual Assault:

  1. Rape—sexual assault—is an act motivated out of power, anger, and control. It is not an act of sex, but uses sex to achieve control over another.
  2. Sexual assault is any unwanted, coerced, manipulated, or forced sexual contact or intercourse.
  3. 85-95 percent of sexual assaults are committed by someone you know.
  4. One out of three women and one out of ten men will be sexually assaulted in their lifetimes.

Some Signals to Beware of in Dating Partners:

  1. Partners who become hostile or angry when you say “No.”
  2. Partners who ignore your wishes.
  3. Partners who attempt to make you feel guilty or accuse you of being uptight or a tease.
  4. Partners who act excessively jealous or possessive.
  5. Partners who ignore your personal space boundaries.
  6. Partners who are quick to show anger or aggression.

Tips and Precautions in Dating Relationships:

  1. The majority of rapes that occur are termed “acquaintance rapes” the rapist and victim know one another. Trust your feelings; don’t worry about “hurt” feelings.
  2. If confronted with a situation that feels uncomfortable or threatening, act assertively to get out of the situation immediately even if you feel foolish or embarrassed in doing so.
  3. Decide it is okay to set limits in dating situations without feeling paranoid or rude.
  4. Alcohol can dull your perceptions and reactions. Do not allow peer pressure to influence the amount of alcohol you consume.
  5. If possible, let a friend or roommate know whom you are with and where you will be. Leave an address and phone number when possible.

Reporting Incidents of Sexual Violence - please refer to SMSU Policy P-013 and Minnesota State Policy 1.B.3.

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