G-026 Political Events Policy

Code: G-026
Date: June 2, 2007
Approved: David C. Danahar

Southwest Minnesota State University


Political Events


The following policy applies to all campus sponsored political events. Southwest Minnesota State University encourages open and vigorous discussion of political ideas while maintaining its political neutrality.

Policy Elements

  1. Campaign rules. The campus will adhere to Minnesota campaign laws. The relevant laws include MS211B for prohibited public employee activity, campaign literature and practices; MS43A for political activities, contact with elected officials, influence and solicitation of political funds; and MS10.60 for computer and technology use.
  2. University neutrality. Political parties, candidates and other individual organizations are responsible for abiding by and knowing all laws and regulations relevant to political activities. No political candidate may imply by word or action that the University supports, endorses, or lends its name to the candidate or party. University representatives issuing an invitation, to sponsored political events, must make clear in all publicity the neutrality of the University.
  3. University logo. University representatives or other parties may not utilize the University’s letterhead, logo, or seal to imply support for a political candidate or political party.
  4. University space access. Candidates, not specifically invited by University representatives to present at Southwest Minnesota State University, may campaign in public areas of the University as prescribed by Minnesota Campaign laws. If a candidate rents space and property from the University, then charges will be applied on a consistent and equitable basis with non-public rentals.

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