Professional Writing and Communication, BA

College graduates with professional writing and communication skills pursue career opportunities in a variety of fields such as journalism, periodical and book publishing; software publishing; advertising and related services; computer systems design and related services; corporate communications; corporate training; government agencies and other not-for-profit agencies. The Professional Writing and Communication (PWC) Major prepares students for these careers by offering a balance of writing, rhetoric, and communication courses in a liberal arts context. These courses are designed to help students become flexible thinkers, writers, and communicators with the ability to write and communicate in a variety of contexts and environments, including electronic ones. The curriculum consists of core courses in writing, journalism, oral and visual communication, rhetoric, history, and electives in business, politics, ethics, public relations, computer science and psychology, all of which will prepare students to be successful communicators in a variety of contexts.

Written Communication Core
ENG 204Introduction to Journalism3
ENG 289Introduction to Professional Writing1
ENG 331Business Communications3
ENG 360Scientific & Technical Writing3
ENG 420Copy Editing3
ENG 460Writing and New Media4
Select 6 credits of the following:6
Media Writing
Student Publications
Creative Non-Fiction Workshop
Advanced Composition
Advanced Journalism
Tutoring Writing
Contemporary Composition Theory and Pedagogy
Oral Communication Core6
Select from the following for a total of six (6) credits:
Speech Activities: Public Address
Speech Activities: Oral Interpretation
Argumentation and Debate
Speech Activities: Limited Preparation
Media Production for Training and Learning
Speech Activities: Performance of Advocacy
Visual Communication Core6
Select from the following for a total of six (6) credits:
Concepts of Graphic Communication
Typography Survey
Digital Art
Digital Photography
Professional Expertise Area
It is highly recommended that students, in consultation with their advisor, select a major or minor to pair with the PWC degree. Possible areas may include, but are not limited to: public relations, broadcasting & digital media, accounting, management, marketing, computer science, natural sciences, or graphic design.
History and Theory
ENG 492Theory & Practice of Professional Writing3
ENG 362History & Structure of the English Language3
or ENG 365 Modern Grammar
Total Credits41


  • The Minnesota Transfer Curriculum and Professional Writing and Communication Prerequisites provide preparation for the upper level courses of the Professional Writing Major.
  • Majors should choose A–F grading option for major courses. Majors must also plan to take 40 credit hours at the 300- or 400-level. Majors may meet this requirement by making careful selections within the major or by taking upper-division electives.
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