Statewide Student Association

(Minnesota State Policy 3.7)

Part 1. Statewide Student Association Recognition. The Minnesota State University Student Association, for state university students, and the Minnesota State College Student Association, for state community and technical college students, are each recognized as the one statewide student association for their respective student associations and students.

Part 2. Campus Student Association Affiliation. Each campus student association shall be affiliated with its statewide student association and all students enrolled in credit courses shall be members of their respective statewide association.

Part 3. Fees. Each statewide student association shall set its fees and shall submit any changes in its fees to the board for review. The board may revise or reject the fee change during the two board meetings immediately following the fee change submission. Fees shall be collected for each enrolled credit by each college and university and shall be credited to each association's account to be spent as determined by that association. For purposes of this policy, enrolled credits include all credits in which a student has enrolled and not dropped before the institution’s drop deadlines. Fees shall be forwarded by the institution to the statewide student association whether or not the institution has received payment for fees.

Part 4. Recognition Process.

Subpart A. Statewide student association recognition. Recognition of the associations listed in Part 1. shall continue until such recognition is repealed by the board and succeeded by an appropriately constituted association representing the same group of students.

Subpart B. Repeal of recognition.

Repeal of recognition by the board shall occur if the following actions occur:

  1. A two-thirds vote, by the existing statewide student association indicating no confidence, expressed by a petition to the board in accordance with the procedures set forth in the governing documents; and
  2. Two-thirds of existing campus student associations, in accordance with their governing rules, submit petitions indicating no confidence to the board.

Dissolution of a statewide student association shall be subject to each association's internal procedures as indicated in their respective governing documents. Recognition of a statewide student association is repealed automatically upon dissolution of the student association. A notice of intent to dissolve shall be sent to the board.

Subpart C. Recognition of new statewide student association. Following repeal of recognition of a statewide student association, recognition of a new statewide student association shall be granted after the presentation of a petition to the board which expresses support of the new association and is approved by two-thirds of the campus student associations.

Part 5. Implementation. The chancellor shall develop an agreements between Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and each statewide student association to implement this policy, including provisions addressing payment of fees collected.

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