Chemistry, BA

Chemistry Core
CHEM 231General Chemistry I3
CHEM 231LGeneral Chemistry I Lab1
CHEM 232General Chemistry II3
CHEM 232LGeneral Chemistry II Lab2
CHEM 243Analytical Chemistry I 15
CHEM 333Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry 24
CHEM 351Organic Chemistry I3
CHEM 351LOrganic Chemistry I Lab2
CHEM 352Organic Chemistry II3
CHEM 352LOrganic Chemistry II Lab2
CHEM 353LOrganic Spectroscopic Analysis2
CHEM 364Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics3
CHEM 364LChemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics Laboratory1
CHEM 373Biochemistry3
CHEM 373LBiochemistry Lab1
CHEM 3XXChemistry Course4
Chemistry Capstone
CHEM 420Chemistry Seminar1-2
Math Course
MATH 150Calculus I5
Physics Sequence
Select one group:8-10
Physics Group 1
College Physics I
College Physics I Lab
College Physics II
College Physics II Lab
Physics Group 2
University Physics I
University Physics I Lab
University Physics II
University Physics II Lab
Total Credits56-59

CHEM 243 Analytical Chemistry I (5 cr.) is a 5-credit course that includes a 3-credit lecture component and a 2-credit lab component.


CHEM 333 Intermediate Inorganic Chemistry (4 cr.) is a 4-credit course that includes 3-credit lecture component and a 1-credit lab component.

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