G-005.1 Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

This procedure outlines the process for undergraduate students to appeal their academic suspension due to failing to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) standards (See SMSU Policy A-005, “Satisfactory Academic Progress”). 

Students suspended for SAP are required to sit out two terms, which may include summer due to the timing of the academic suspension but have the option to appeal if they wish to reenroll sooner.  

Appeal Timelines 

The following are the timelines for academic SAP appeals. 

  1. Students suspended after spring semester may appeal in May to return in summer session
  2. Students suspended after spring semester may appeal in June to return in fall semester.  
  3. Students suspended after summer session may appeal in August to return in the fall semester.  
  4. Students suspended after summer session may appeal in January to return in spring semester.  
  5. Students suspended after fall semester may appeal in January to return in spring semester. 
  6. Students suspended after fall semester may appeal in May to return in summer session 


The student, the Deans’ Office, and staff have the following responsibilities. 


Students are responsible for communications sent to them through email and mail. Students may not appeal academic SAP to the provost because they failed to check their email or mail. 


A member of the Deeann Griebel Student Success Center shall serve as secretary of the academic SAP appeals process.  

Deans’ Office 

The Academic Deans’ Office shall be responsible for the following tasks.  

  1. Notifying students in writing of their academic suspension and of their right to appeal for reinstatement to the Academic Appeals Committee (AAC). 
  2. Developing of AAC and decision forms in consultation with AAC.
  3. Providing student academic records to be used in AAC hearings, including records of previous academic SAP appeals.  
  4. Notifying students in writing of the decision of AAC, and in the case where reinstatement has been deniedtheir right to appeal to the provost.  
  5. Implementing the decisions of AAC 
  6. Notifying all the student’s academic advisors of the decision and recommendations regarding the appeal.  

Appeal Process 

The appeal process ensures a fair resolution for students appealing their academic suspension. If a student is unable to attend the appeal in the format originally indicated, the appeal will be considered as a written or virtual appeal.

Initiating Appeal 

Prior to the hearing, students wishing to appeal their suspension will complete a questionnaire, and AAC will review their responses 

Appeal Hearing 

The hearing will proceed as follows:  

  1. Students will explain the circumstances that led to their academic suspension, what they plan to do differently if reinstated, and will provide a list of courses they would plan to enroll in if they are reinstated. 
  2. AAC may ask students questions regarding their responses to the questionnaire or the information they present during the hearing.
  3. Students will be dismissed from the hearing while AAC discusses and votes on the situation.
  4. A simple majority of a quorum of AAC carries the decision. 

Hearing Decision 

A member of the Deeann Griebel Student Success Office will meet with the student to deliver the decision of AAC, review any recommendations, and explain the appeal process. 

Appealing to the Provost 

Students who are not satisfied with the decision of AAC may appeal to the provost. 

Students must inform the provost’s office in writing no later than two (2) business days after the decision of AAC has been communicated. In the appeal, students must give reasons for the appeal, including reasons the decision of AAC was unsatisfactory or unfair. 

The provost may consider only the written materials used by AAC in its own deliberations and the student’s explanation for the basis of the appeal. 

The provost’s decision, either upholding or rejecting the decision of AAC, shall be communicated in writing, with reasons, to the student and AAC within five (5) business days after the appeal was made to the provost. A copy of this communication shall be maintained in the student’s file. 

Related Documents 

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Procedure History

Date of Adoption: August 1984
Date of Last Review: March 2023

Date and Subject of Amendments

3/15/2023 - Divided procedure from policy.

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